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From websites, web design, hosting to custom build solutions,
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Webdesign and Website Development

Whether you want a to develop a new website or want to upgrade and re-new your existing website, with our rich experience with webdesigning we can help you to get an optimal result of your investment. We are pleased to help you with the complete realization, including hosting, aftercare, content management and administration of your website.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your website by getting more and relevant visitors? Through search engine optimization (SEO) and paid Ad campaigns you can achieve your marketing goals with top locations on search engines.

Intranet and Network Installations

Using top-quality hardware we can provide and maintain your company’s ICT-network. With no-hassle solutions you can work on your customers instead of running after your computer problems. To increase productivity we also provide custom Intranet solutions to get the most out of your network.

Consulting, Custom Solutions and Software

Billing Systems, Wireless Installations, Internet Cafe Setups, Security Camera Installations, you name the ICT-problem and we provide a custom purpose build solution. With over a 15 years of internet and ICT experience we are pleased to give you advise and let the Technology work for you.

We make IT work for you!

Setup and design TimberTec

Build a corporate style and website design for TimberTec

Baobab Technologies created and developed the corporate style and internet marketing for TimberTec. TimberTec is a woodworking machines company located in Cape-Town, South Africa. With a fresh clean logo and a CMS driven website, TimberTec is able to acquire new professional companies.